About Larry 

Ever since I can remember,  I was always singing, whistling or banging garbage cans with a pair of 2-A drum sticks. I was born in the Bronx, NY and grew up in New Rochelle, NY. I was thankfully raised by Neil and Rose Migliore and was the middle son of three sons, George on one side and Art on the other.

My inspiration for singing came from my mom. She used to sing on a radio station in Brooklyn, NY and always stood out in church. My childhood friend and co-writer Tom Parisi became my inspiration for drumming and music in general. Together, we became published songwriters signed to Warner Chappell and subsequently got our song "Down And Dirty" placed in a movie called "Into The Arms Of Danger" starring the lovely actress Morgan Fairchild. Not long after, our song "Everywhere I Go" was placed into the show "Dismissed" on MTV and the VH1 documentary "The Making Of Maid In Manhattan" (J Lo). Tom is gone and I miss him dearly.
I've had the pleasure of co-writing with very talented songwriters such as Tom Parisi, Kevin Crutchfield (RIP), Ken Eichler, Kevin Gallarello, Justin McGovern, William F. Kelly III, Todd Mihan, Sheldon Aucoin, Eric Geibel, Arti Rodriquez, Tim Austin, and Nashville hit songwriter Sandy Ramos (Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, etc.....).

My song "Let It Rain" , co-written with Kevin Gallarello , was recorded by Norwegian Country Star Steff Nevers. His album was released by Universal and was certified gold. Steff was ultimately nominated for a Norwegian Grammy!
"I'm Gettin' Gone" was recorded in 2016 by new country artist Mathew Ewing. His CD was produced by Ted Hewitt (Rodney Atkins etc..) 
My songs have also been cut by many independent artists like Bobby Cutchins, Clinton Gregory, Buck Ford, John Stallings, Neil Russell, Buck Austin, Steven Blaine, Shane Morgan, Brook Byam, Artie Rodriquez, Ben Cesare, Jason Glenn, Gina Miller, Wendy Jager, Steve Kent,  and others. To date , I'm extremely lucky to have over 50 cuts!


I'd be remiss if I didn't thank all the demo vocalists who bring my songs to life in the studio, namely Jeff Carson, Brian Baker, Ron Wallace, Darryl O'Donnell , Klinton O'Donneell, Mike Lusk, Mica Roberts , Angela Hurt, Matt Dame , Jason Eustice and Mason Douglas.

My wife Kerry, my faithful 4 legged son Benny and my entire family make up my life's story. My music is my life's  soundtrack and my God is my director.
So, as I proceed into the future, I plan on writing as many great songs as I can , alone and with others. World domination is not completely out of the question! Yeah right!